Margaret Nelson

Cornerstone was recommended to me by a new member because I had said I wanted to lose weight, get physically stronger and meet new friends. I was relatively new to the area and needed to make some changes and get on with my life. I had joined the local YMCA but did feel I was getting the personal attention I needed. 

The entire Cornerstone staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. Megan, my trainer, does a good job of explaining each new step and makes sure everything is done correctly to achieve the most benefit and also prevent injury. She also cultivates a team atmosphere and encourages us to support each other even as we work at different levels. 

The atmosphere is structured but fun! We have quite an interesting group in the CrossFit Masters class, based on age, experience and health issues. The final result of each session is a successful, challenging workout with some good laughter and camaraderie. Megan is supportive and does a good job creating a different WOD each session. 

CrossFit Cornerstone Masters Class has strengthened my resolve to continue working out and be as strong and healthy as possible. I would encourage anyone interested in improving and maintaining their health; both physical and emotional (because it's all tied together) to come join the fun. And a good chiropractic adjustment helps keep the old body tuned up too!!

Seneca Seley