Chad Mears

I walked through the doors of Cornerstone in November 2015 to try a class before going through the fundamentals.  Before walking through the door that first time many thoughts raced through my mind…  would I “fit” in, can I do this, etc.   My mind was put at ease when I walked in and met Coach Jen for the first time at that 9am class.  But before all of that, I first started cycling in 2011 to lose weight and get in shape after stepping on the scale and realizing I was quickly approaching the 300lb mark at 290.  When I started at Cornerstone, I weighed in at 250lb and today I am at 225.

I decided to give Crossfit a try after belonging to a typical gym and dreading going there (and thus never went).  Cornerstone first appealed to me for the class structure and available times.

My first class I was impressed with the overall coaching, knowledge and welcoming family atmosphere of Cornerstone. I expected to walk in to my first class and see all of these elite competitors. However, there are people of all shapes, sizes and abilities that come to Crossfit and I thought to myself “Wow” I can fit in with this group!

Throughout my first year of Crossfit, I have been fortunate enough to have achieved many things including gaining many friendships.  From the small achievements of being able to carry my 11yr old and my 7yr old up the stairs to bed at the same time to hitting PR’s in tons of movements.  Early on someone said every day is a PR and that continues with me today.  I have recently hit double unders consistently and even did a handstand push up, which I didn’t think would be possible being 6’4” and 225.  My fellow classmates and coaches even talked me into participating in the 2016 Crossfit Games Open where I completed each workout at the scaled level.  This year I was able to hit every workout in the 2017 Crossfit Games Open at the Rx level.

I have made the 9am class my routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and continue to come every week to improve my overall health and well-being to be able to take care of my family for the foreseeable future.  Being able to commit to the routine doesn’t allow me to make the excuses of not going plus it is a fun environment and the Coaches are awesome!  If you are thinking about Crossfit Cornerstone… Try it!  It will be a life changing experience.

Seneca Seley