Stephanie Kinney

“ Cornerstone Fitness has been asking us why we are #allin The simple answer is...Me. That’s a really hard statement because at first it felt really selfish. But after ignoring my body and health for the 13 years of school and training post high school, I knew I could do better. I deserved to focus on myself and deserved to treat myself better. It took a long time to get to that conclusion, but I finally did. With the support of Sarah and urging of some other friends at work, we took fundamentals together and started CrossFit classes 7 months ago. Half joking but actually kind of serious, whenBrandon Russell Killin asked if we had any goals before we started I said Lara Croft’s arms were my aspiration. Slowly but surely 💪! Thank you to all the coaches (esp Brandon and JD Springmeier for putting up with training us!), thank you for all the Cornerstone support and new friends, and thank you to myself for showing up and trying my best. 👊”

Seneca Seley