Anne Hedric


Meet Anne! She just completed our Fall nutrition challenge as well. Not all goals need to be numbers driven when starting a nutrition challenge. Anne wanted to improve the quality of her workouts, sleep, and recovery and she did just that! Read what Anne had to say after successfully completing the 8 weeks! 

"Before this challenge, I thought I had the nutrition thing down. I considered myself a disciplined eater. I was laser focused on eating vegetables and fruit, little protein and not a lot carbs. I have struggled over the years with not getting enough sleep at night, which heavily impacted my performance inside the gym. I consistently felt like I didn’t have enough energy to make it through longer met-cons and my days. 

I’ve almost entirely changed what I eat and how much I eat. It’s hard to believe how little I was eating and how much it was affecting me! I now have more energy during the day and during my workouts, and I’m sleeping better. More importantly, I think my biceps might be a tad bigger 😉"

Seneca Seley