Krista Schmidt

I was 4 months pregnant when I first walked into cornerstone, I was always very active with soccer and kickboxing but impact sports were not an option when I got pregnant. I took up running and it wasn't enough... So I tried Crossfit at cornerstone and have been hooked ever since.  I was excited from day 1.  

I was treated with such genuine kindness, care, and extra attention for the safety of my pregnancy. Every time I walked in, coach Jen and Seneca always were prepared with scaled movements for each wod if needed with my pregnancy and safety the priority. My favorite times during my membership at cornerstone were the times on a random Saturday night, Jen would open the box, we would have a ladies night and complete some tough wods, with music blasted, and dance moves in between wods. Afterwards we all would go and grab dinner together filled with laughter and optimism.  We called it our "night at the bar"... 

CFC continues to increase mental and physical toughness. It is extremely empowering to do things I once considered physically impossible. 

I was under medical supervision while pregnant and crossfitting. I cross fitted 6 days a week while pregnant and scaled wods accordingly. I felt incredible while staying so active. Being at Crossfit was a huge highlight of each day. I was a police officer during my pregnancy and I knew that Crossfit would help me get back in shape after delivery for my return to work. It was imperative to be fit and healthy so I could return to police work with confidence along with fit back in my uniform/gun belt:) 

 Crossfit helped with delivery of my daughter Kanella... With an unexpected abnormally short umbilical cord, dr's credited my high level activity for how much my daughter flourished. Dr.'s advised that my high level movements helped to provide movement in my womb for Kanella and her development.

Seneca Seley