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Head Coach, CF-L2, CrossFit Kids Certified, CrossFit Gymnastics

I found CrossFit in October, 2013 and haven’t looked back since.  Before CrossFit I collected gym memberships…I had 5 to be exact.  One for the elliptical and stair climber, one for spinning, one for yoga, etc, etc.  I never felt fulfilled in any of these gyms and found myself going multiple times a day, always yearning for a bigger and better workout.  Enter CrossFit.  I’ve never felt so humbled day after day by words written on a white board.  CrossFit, as cliché as it is, literally changed my life.  I have never felt as happy, strong, fit, or in shape in my entire life.  I have formed some of the best relationships through CrossFit and have been inspired and motivated by beginners and Games’ athletes.

I live for watching other people learn, grow, and set their own goals in CrossFit and in life.  

In my 5 years of CrossFit, I’ve competed in several competitions.  These started off as fun, terrifying, beginner experiences for me and have grown into fun, terrifyingly exciting, competitive experiences for me.  

I currently reside in Loveland with my husband, David (fellow CrossFitter) and our Brady Bunch mix of our 4 kids.  We preach health and fitness at home which is why you can often find our kids pushing each other back and forth on the prowler, scaling the ropes, and trying to overhead squat anything that resemble a PVC pipe.