Krista Schmidt Cf-L1

After years of playing competitive soccer, kickboxing and a career as a Police Officer, my husband and I started our family and became pregnant. I knew impact sports were not an option for my pregnancy after years of fertility treatment and a lot of prayers to become pregnant. I walked into Cornerstone Crossfit in 2012 while 3 months pregnant...and found a welcoming community that motivated me in and out of the gym. Fast forward to today and I’ve crossfitted through a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy each until the day i delivered,  resulting in 3 healthy daughters. 


I loved the way my new found “functional” fitness program helped me to perform better as a Police Officer and handle the rigors that the job entailed. Now I have 3 daughters who are watching my every move and I’m dedicated to instilling good habits through fitness and nutrition, the same way my father did for me. 


I am driven by seeing people increase their mental toughness with a winning mindset, support one another, meanwhile bringing positive energy into our community. I beam with pride witnessing members do things they once thought impossible.


I have a bachelors in Criminal justice with a minor in Psychology. Graduated from Butler Tech Police Academy and have 7.5 years experience as a Police Officer. Co-Founder of Harlow & Liv. Currently an Owner/Operator of McDonald’s franchise & Crossfit Level 1 trainer.