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Cornerstone fitness is rallying around the immediate family of two members. Kelly Ann Marcum’s son in law and Marlyn Christopher Frisco's brother in law Jon Frazier was recently preliminary diagnosed with glioblastoma. We are hosting a fundraiser WOD as our support for Jon Frazier this Saturday July 27th during our 9am and 10am classes. Financial donations are appreciated but not mandatory. 100% of the donations go directly to the Frazier family. We love our members and hope that our efforts can help ease financial stress as Jon Frazier undergoes medical assistance. Open to all members and friends in our surrounding community.

“So a month ago my son in law, Jon, was having some nerve issues and loss of mobility in his left side. It progressed to where he couldn’t walk without stumbling and his face was drooping. Initially, they thought he may have suffered a stroke. He went to Greene memorial July 11, for an MRI and was immediately sent to Kettering Medical Center due to a large mass spotted on the images. By Saturday they had said the were fairly positive it was Glioblastoma. July 16, they went in and removed as much of the mass as possible and did a biopsy. Preliminary results confirm it is Glioblastoma. He will come home as soon as he is strong enough and once his incision heals he will start radiation. He currently cannot walk and is undergoing PT in the hospital. They have 4 children. Maverick 5, Maddix 2 1/2, Madalynn 17 months, and Marlee 4 weeks. He was a stay at home father and full time student for aviation machining. He has no health insurance. She was to return to the salon to work after her 2 week maternity leave the Friday after this all happened. That has been postponed. We are hopeful for a good recovery so that he can come home and enjoy time with his family. I can tell you right now, since Cornerstone, I have learned that there are actually people that care about you. I would be lost without all of the hugs, texts, phone calls, and the “hey girl, we are gonna go do this or that”. I thank you all just for showing me what family is. I thank you for the love you have shown me and I promise that I will give it in return. I can’t stress enough how much I am #ALLIN ❤️“

-Kelly Marcum

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