Transformation Tuesday - Sebastian Fidder

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Freshman year I tried out for Moellers soccer team. I worked hard and put a lot of effort into making the team. But when decision day came around I was very afraid that I had not made the team. The coach called me down personally to the locker room to have a talk. He told me that I did not make the team. He said I had the skill, but not the speed. But, he saw that I was a hard worker and gave me the opportunity to be team manager. I accepted the offer and I got to practice with the team and even play in one of the games.

I knew that I didn’t make the team because I was overweight, and the weight slowed me down. I had been overweight ever since the 3rd grade, and I was starting to think that maybe I should lose some weight. During the summer of 2014 my mom had been doing CrossFit. She would always come home after her workout and tell us all about it. Me and my dad both were interested in CrossFit and wanted to join. So mid soccer season during the fall of 2014 I joined my parents and started attending the Tuesday night Level 1 classes. My parents would pick me up from Moeller after practice around 6:30 and we would go to the 7:00 class together. CrossFit quickly grew on me, I loved the community at the gym and the competitive aspect to CrossFit.

After the soccer season ended, I had been attending CrossFit Level 1 classes for a few months now, and decided that I was ready the Level 2 classes. At the beginning of 2015 is when I really kicked it into high gear and decided to go to classes whenever I could (I didn’t have my driver’s license yet so I could only go when my parents went). I was getting stronger and hitting PR’s left and right, while the coaches helped me out with my form. But I still wasn’t losing weight. That’s because I was eating like crap at home. I was still drinking soda and eating chips as an after school snack. But I kept pushing.

In January of 2017 I learned how to track my food on myfitnesspal. This was a game changer in helping me lose weight. The coaches taught me how to use the app and would occasionally check up on my food diary to keep me on track.  This was a huge help and I started seeing changes immediately.

Around that time period my dad was considering doing the 2017 CrossFit Open competition with me. And I agreed that we should do it, so we signed up. Those 5 workouts REALLY pushed me to do things that I never thought were possible. It also brought out my fierce competitive side that drove me to work harder. I was very happy with the changes I was seeing and wanted to keep going.

I was at my heaviest weight on December of 2016, I weighed around 205lbs. By the end of summer 2017 I lost about 25lbs and weighed 180lbs. As of August 2018 I weigh around 160lbs with a total weight loss of 45lbs.

My future goal is to continue this lifestyle I have started, while becoming more and more fit. I plan to take the knowledge I have learned and use it throughout the rest of my life. And also spread the word to other people who want to lose weight and change their lives as well.

Seneca Seley