Getting Uncomfortable


By: Laura Franchini

Have you ever felt stuck in some area of your life and wish you could make a move? A job you hate?…Your ability to serve or make an impact on others?...Your health and fitness?

I talk on the phone every week to people who are interested in coming in to check out our gym. There is almost always a consistent theme. “I’m really nervous to try this.” “I’m not sure if I can do it.” I wish I could reach through the phone and hand them this diagram.

 I do my best to reassure them that they will be fine. No one likes to come outside of their comfort zone. It’s where we feel safe and in control. It’s also where we often fail to fully engage in our lives. In order to grow…in order to get unstuck, you have to get uncomfortable. There is a distinct line where comfort ends and growth begins. The growth zone is where the magic happens. It’s where we have the opportunity to thrive.



I was stuck a few years ago. I actually had everything I thought I ever wanted, but something wasn’t adding up inside. Then some life experiences catapulted me into the panic zone. I eventually settled back down to the growth zone. I started to embrace things that felt uncomfortable because I knew I needed them to grow. I learned to get comfortable being uncomfortable. And every time I stepped into the discomfort of an unfamiliar or uncontrolled situation, I felt more alive…more fulfilled.

Getting to watch and help people step out of their comfort zones is one of my favorite parts of Cornerstone. We had one of our largest gym events of the year last Friday night. I stood in the corner with one of our newer members who had just completed her workout. She told me how anxious she had been all day in anticipation of this event. She hadn’t known exactly what to expect. She didn’t love the idea of other people watching her tackle this workout. I just smiled because I know she’s growing. Maybe she’ll gain physical strength or endurance. Maybe she’ll make new friendships. Maybe she’ll just feel more empowered to tackle life. Any which way, she’ll be better for it.

All healthy things are growing. If you’re not growing, you probably feel dead inside. So, get busy getting uncomfortable. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Seneca Seley