Setting Goals

Once there was a 28 yo 265 lbs. man that loved to drink and eat anything in site. This man used to be an athlete too.  While in high school, he was a 4-year varsity award winner in wrestling at multiple different weight classes from 145-160, played football, and threw discus in Track and Field. Later in life, he became lost and confused, not knowing who he was. On Jan. 25th 2011, this guy found CrossFit. His main goal was to stop being a fat guy but really didn’t have any other goal… but hey, there was a goal. Now how was he going to reach that goal? He started small and took it day by day. First, he started working out 2x/week, then a month later, he started working out 4-6x/week. Next, he looked at what he was shoving in his mouth. He went by the small saying “If God made it eat it”.  Slowly, the weight started to shed. About 5 months later, he became a CrossFit Level 1 Certified coach. He still had the same goal, but he added another one. Lead by example! Be the product! He started to work his butt off every single day, making small goals to reach the bigger goals. Fast-forward to today, his goals have changed a little, but he is still making those small goals to reach the bigger ones. Any guesses as to who this guy is? ME!

I have struggled with goals in the past and still do to this day but that doesn’t stop me from reaching them. There will always be set backs and difficulties to reach those goals, but the struggle only makes us stronger.

Here are some key rules I use.

1. Write it down

Write it down somewhere. Make sure you’re able to see it everyday as a reminder. This way you don’t lose site of what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Make sub goals

If I want a muscle-up but don’t have a chest to bar pull up, then my first goal should be getting the chest to bar pull-up. How do I achieve that? First, I need to start building my strength to get there.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

We all have friends that like to say what we are doing is silly. That’s fine, but you should also surround yourself with supportive people that understand your goals. It’s very hard to hit those goals without support.

4. Make rules

When a pregnant woman is presented with alcohol, she says no. Why? She has set rules for herself and her baby. She has a reason to set that rule. What about a Vegetarian or Vegan? They choose not to eat meat. This list can go on. If you truly want to reach your goal, start setting rules!

5. Make it measurable

I have always wanted to be happy. Unfortunately, there are things I can’t control that will frustrate me.  Set dates, amounts, and so on…. put a number to it. Having a defined measurement will let you know when you reach that goal.

6. Have Fun!!

Have fun on the Journey!!! Laugh about things; don’t beat yourself up on mistakes. They will happen. No one wants to do things that aren’t fun. Enjoy every little struggle, task, encouragement, set back and anything else that comes along.


With time, you will have life changes. That means your goals will change and you’ll have to adjust and accept change. OMG! Yes, I said change. Change is difficult but it helps make us better people. Keep working hard. If you don’t know where to start with your goals, get with your Coach For Life. If you don’t have a Coach for Life ask us about how to get one.

-Coach Seneca


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