Laura Franchini - Owner

After much urging from my parents, I started Crossfit in 2015. I was hooked immediately! I’ve always loved the social aspect of group fitness. The treadmill in my basement never cared if I showed up for our dates…but the people I worked out with did! As a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids, Crossfit became my daily Happy Hour. It fills my need for group fitness, and adds the element of personal training. I love that I have coaches who genuinely care about me both inside and outside the gym. They push me harder than I was used to pushing myself. I love the adrenaline rush of the workouts, the raw feeling of the box and discovering that my body is capable of much more than I ever imagined.

The people at Cornerstone are what make it so amazing. I came to Cornerstone during a challenging time in my life, and it quickly became a safe place for me. I learned to be stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I give much credit to Cornerstone and the people here for helping me to become the best version of myself.

I’m a nurse and have always felt passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. I love helping people work toward health goals. I live in Liberty Township with my husband, Dominic and our 3 crazy boys, Luke, Will and Eli. We are so excited to help others achieve healthier lives and to serve the amazing Cornerstone community!


Seneca Seley


Seneca was a former 3 sport HS athlete (football, wrestling, and track and field.) In Jan. 2011 he was the heaviest he'd ever weighed, at 260 lbs. He knew that change had to come. He started CrossFit with the intent to lose some weight, but instead the life he knew had flipped a total 180. Eating healthier, training hard, setting goals and reaching them. He's now down to 205lbs. and doing things he never could have imagined possible.

Seneca is a former License Massage Therapist and a former asst. varsity wrestling coach at Middletown High School. His pledge for proper mechanics and safety in movements is what sets him apart from the rest


Simon Lawson

Simon grew up in Middletown, OH and went to Franklin High School.  After several semesters at Miami University, he joined the Marine Corps where he served for four years.  He did his tour of duty in Hawaii.  He has been involved with Crossfit for six years and holds two certifications including his L2 and weightlifting.  He spends his time coaching classes, doing fundamental sessions and personal training.  Simon is our expert at the technical aspects of the movements, and we all enjoy his dry wit.  You will find Simon coaching various class times while playing lots of Hall and Oates music.


Melissa Giambrone

I found Crossfit in October, 2013 and haven’t looked back since.  Before Crossfit I collected gym memberships…I had 5 to be exact.  One for the elliptical and stair climber, one for spinning, one for yoga, etc, etc.  I never felt fulfilled in any of these gyms and found myself going multiple times a day, always yearning for a bigger and better workout.  Enter Crossfit.  I’ve never felt so humbled day after day by words written on a white board.  Crossfit, as cliché as it is, literally changed my life.  I have never felt as happy, strong, fit, or in shape in my entire life.  I have formed some of the best relationships through Crossfit and have been inspired and motivated by beginners and Games’ athletes.

I live for watching other people learn, grow, and set their own goals in Crossfit and in life.  

In my 3.5 years of Crossfit, I’ve competed in several competitions.  These started off as fun, terrifying, beginner experiences for me and have grown into fun, terrifyingly exciting, competitive experiences for me.  

I currently reside in Loveland with my husband, David (fellow Crossfitter) and our Brady Bunch mix of our 4 kids.  We preach health and fitness at home which is why you can often find our kids pushing each other back and forth on the prowler, scaling the ropes, and trying to overhead squat anything that resemble a PVC pipe.


JD Springmeier

JD went to Mason High School where he played many sports including football, baseball, and boxing.  He got his personal training certificate form Beckfield college and has a UFC certification.  He spent time in Thailand studying Muay Thai, is certified in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and has his yoga certification.  He also works at 9Round Fitness where he coaches kickboxing classes.  JD is coaching morning classes where you can experience his enthusiasm for helping people reach their fitness goals.

Brandon Killin

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor, American Sports and Fitness certified, Nationally Ranked North America Strongman Competitor

My introduction in weight training was as most people’s, I was a competitive high school athlete in football, wrestling, and track and field. After high school I needed something to fill my time and feed my desire to compete. So I was introduced into the sport of strongman, I weighed in for my first contest at 198lbs and took third in the light weight division and this fueled a fire inside me to learn and grow in the sport of weightlifting. In 8 months I was now weighing in at 240lbs and competing in the light weight division at 231lbs. My knowledge of training had sky rocketed as well as the fire inside me to compete. I in 3 short years had become ranked 4th in the state of Michigan in the 231lb division and nationally ranked 3 years in a row. I lived for the rush of competition and fueled my body by lifting every heavy object I could get my hands on and eating almost anything you put in front of me. In a few more months I reached 250lbs and started to notice a difference in the way I felt day to day. Getting out a bed at 5am to go to the gym got tiresome, I felt sluggish all throughout the day, and I began to struggle a little with tasks like lifting my foot onto the bed to tie my shoes because bending over was getting difficult to do.

This is when I decided I needed to make a change to better myself.

I had already been a CrossFit coach for a year now and fully believed in the sport and what wonderful things it could do but didn’t think it was for me. I wanted to be HUGE I wanted to be able to pick up trucks. I “gave in” and started doing CrossFit workouts and eating healthier on a daily basis. I quickly became addicted to that post WOD feeling. I found myself not only losing weight and fast but maintaining my “oh so beloved strength”. How could this be? It could be because CrossFit changes lives, CrossFit is fitness, CrossFit is the future. I had lost 40 lbs in 4 months and now had a drive to help others achieve above and beyond anything I ever have.

I live for the moments when someone lifts one more pound than they did 3 months ago or gets there first pull-up. I live to see other achieve things they never before though possible, and through CrossFit they are. I am a proud member of the CrossFit Cornerstone family and I am even more proud to say I am a coach of a GIANT family of amazing individuals and together we are changing each other’s lives every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a collegiate athlete or someone’s great grandmother CrossFit can and will change your life, and at CrossFit Cornerstone you will be doing more than “joining a gym”, you will be joining a family of people who share your goals and help each other achieve and build upon them.