September Male - Kellen Hasse


Name Kellen Hasse

Age 14

Where did you grow up?  Finneytown Ohio

When did you become a member of the Cornerstone community? May 2018

What do you do when you are not at Cornerstone? School and camping with family

What is your favorite WOD/movement? deadlifting and the Helen

What is your least favorite WOD/movement? Murph and cleaning

What would your perfect WOD look like? triplet of running, deadlifting, and split jerks

What is your favorite accomplishment/PR since becoming a part of Cornerstone? 180LB deadlift

What is something about yourself that we might not know?I like acting and have performed in multiple productions at my school

What advice would you give to someone just getting starting at Cornerstone? Results come slowly but they will come

What goals do you have for the rest of 2018? 250LB deadlift

Fill in the Blank (one word)

I like…Acting

I eat… Food

I do…CrossFit

I am…Continuing to challenge myself

Seneca Seley