May Female - Joni Richardson


Name: Joni Richardson

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Fairfield Township. I graduated from Fairfield High School in 1999 and received my LPN from Butler Tech in 2002.

When did you become a member of the Cornerstone community?  I started personal training sessions with Simon in August of 2016 and begin classes in October of 2016.

What do you do when you are not at Cornerstone?  My husband, John ( he attends the 5 a.m. class along with our 14 year old daughter Alli), and I have three kids, Alli (14), AJ (12), and Lucy (9). We spend most of our time wrangling the kids and Milo and Otis, our two dogs. I really am a homemaker at heart! I love to cook, decorate our home (and redecorate!), and travel to the Dominican Republic with John.

What is your favorite workout movement?  I love me a nice set of kipping pull-ups! As soon as I was able to get one I just couldn't wait to start stringing them together in my workouts. I was so excited to get my first rip on the palms  of my hands it was ridiculous. In my eyes, it was just proof of my hard work everytime I looked at or washed my hands!

What is your least favorite workout movement? Wall balls. The dumb ball seems to have a mind of its own and never ceases to smack me in the face at least once in a workout. I choose burpees over wall balls!

What is your favorite accomplishment you've achieved at Cornerstone? Letting go of fear and failure and just being the kind of person who has the confidence to go for it. Because... Why not?! CrossFit has changed me in so many ways. I'd never touched a barbell or even heard of any of these CrossFit movements until I started coming to Cornerstone. I'm excited to learn more and get stronger. Being an example of a confident, fearless woman is one of the greatest gifts I feel I could ever give my kids. And this place is where it all happened! I feel amazing and I look forward to even more awesome accomplishments in the future.

What is something about you we might not now? God has a straight-forward way of communicating with me. I am an extremely intense dreamer. My dreams are so vivid and revealing that I actually understand and accept my life circumstances a little better because of them. Crazy, I know. Just ask my husband!


What is some advice you would give to somebody just starting out at Cornerstone? Keep on keepin' on! Don't be afraid of failing. You can do anything! Everyone here is on your team and wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. Doubleunders are NOT impossible. And it's okay if you pee your pants a little. (Or a lot!!!)

What are your goals for the rest of 2018?

1) I would be super amazed by my body if I could start doing ring dips during my work out.

2) I'm going to start having more and more workouts with that little Rx box checked. ( so satisfying!)

3) I will continue to be the healthiest me I can possibly be.

I like...sunshine

I eat...DARK chocolate with red wine

I music

I am... fearfully and wonderfully made!

Seneca Seley