December Male - Victor Andrade


Name: Victor De Biasi Andrade

Where did you grow up? São Paulo, Brazil. Moved to the US when I was 15.

When did you become a member of the Cornerstone community? 2016, but was gone for nearly a year for a back injury.

What do you do when you are not at Cornerstone? (occupation, hobbies, etc.) I’m an engineering manager at Schneider Electric. I like hanging out with friends, and go out on dates with the wife.

What is your favorite workout movement? Snatches, believe it or not.

What is your least favorite movement your trainer makes you do? Clean… and hold front squats … haha

What is your favorite accomplishment since becoming a part of Cornerstone? Honestly I’m very happy and blessed with the progress my body went thru, considering the fact I couldn’t sleep or lay straight. I’m very thankful for the coaches in cornerstone.

What is something about yourself that we might not know? My native language is Portuguese, nor Spanish.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started in personal training at Cornerstone?

Stick to it. I haven’t had a back pain in months, and feel stronger than ever.

What goals do you have for the rest of 2018?

Stick to intermittent fasting, and continue working on cleans (because I suck at it)

Fill in the Blank

I like bourbon!

I eat everything lol clearly

I do NOT like long metcons… only lifting workouts :)

I am a Christian





Seneca Seley