January Female - Christina Ousouljoglou


Name: Christina Ousouljoglou

Where did you grow up? New Jersey

When did you become a member of the Cornerstone community? Spring 2017. My husband Telly has done Crossfit for a few years now, starting when we lived in Illinois. I told him I’d never do it. When we moved to Ohio in early 2017, he joined Cornerstone. I went to a weekend social event, and Laura told me about the strong community of women here. She encouraged me to try it out. After a few weeks of internal deliberation, I signed up for Fundamentals with Simon. During our first meeting, I asked him, “What happens if I don’t like it or can’t do it?” He encouraged me to have faith in myself, and approach the first few sessions without thinking about failure. I got hooked, and I’m so grateful for him and all of the coaches (and my supportive husband, too). It has been such an empowering outlet for me.

What do you do when you are not at Cornerstone? (occupation, hobbies, etc.) Telly and I have two girls, 3 and 1. I just opened a small marketing consulting company, zerofoxmarketing.com. Life is a little a little nuts right now!

What is your favorite workout movement? A tie between front squats and split jerks. I also love a good box jump.

What is your least favorite movement your trainer makes you do? Snatches.  

What is your favorite accomplishment since becoming a part of Cornerstone? A handstand! I honestly never thought I’d be able to do anything upside down.

What is something about yourself that we might not know? I was very overweight as a kid/teenager. I lost almost 80lbs over the course of my college years, and have been able to keep most of it off.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started in personal training at Cornerstone? Don’t get intimidated by the names of the movements, the acronyms, and doing things that you aren’t used to doing. No one will judge you, and you will learn. Trust yourself, and then celebrate as you accomplish great things!

What goals do you have for the rest of 2018? In terms of fitness, I’d love to get a pull up. In general, my word for 2018 is “intentional.” I want to focus my time and energy on what really matters and forget the rest. It’s the central philosophy of my marketing business, and it will be the central philosophy of my life as well.

Fill in the Blank

I like… to laugh.

I eat… fairly well, plus chocolate.

I do… hope that my girls grow up strong, healthy and confident.

I am… happy to be here.

Seneca Seley