October Male - Tyler (TJ) Werner


Name: Tyler (TJ) Werner

Age: 24

Where did you grow up: Southern Indiana (just across the river from Louisville)

Member: When Hali and I moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2015

Hobbies: I work at P&G trying to invent new products and processes, I just started my MBA program at Miami University, and I read a lot (strictly non-fiction though)

Favorite: long workouts with ring muscle ups

Least favorite: anything with heavy front squats

Ideal: 5-7 rounds of running, ring muscle ups, and some light weight lifting

Favorite accomplishment: recovering from my back injury

Something you don't know: I'm a pretty open book, but people may not know that I'm a podcast junkie, I listen to one almost every day

Advice: don't get caught up in trying to compete at first, don't even worry about what others are doing, just focus on your own PRs and always make sure you prioritize form and safety - do this by utilizing the coaches at CF, they know what they are talking about

Goals: continue to workout with having any back issues at all

Like: I like family

Eat: I eat sweets

Do: I do well-roundedness

Am: I am happy

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