May - Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin

Where are you from? I live in West Chester, grew up in Akron, OH

Occupation? I am a product coordinator for Scholastic Book Fairs

Favorite movie: to hard to decide...sorry

Favorite music or artist: 80's rock and Christian pop/rock

Favorite food: Mexican!

Favorite quote: "If you don't have a dream, you aren't living, you are just existing"

What is your fitness background? Aerobics, some Zumba, NO organized sports before

How long have you been CrossFitting? How did you end up at Cornerstone?  year and a half, Emily Weghorst invite

How have you seen yourself change (mentally, physically,etc) since being a part of CFC?YES! more physically & mentally strong

What is your least favorite CrossFit move? What is your most favorite CrossFit move? Least fav: snatch & burpees  Favorite: plank & sit ups  ( i guess, lol) 

What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? Get pull-ups and toes to bar & run better

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