February - Greg Bryant

Greg Bryant

Where are you from? Grew up in Springboro, Ohio.  Live in West Chester now - since '98.

Occupation? Official Title: Sr. Process Control Engineer at AK Steel, Middletown Works; non-official - I work with computers and controls systems for AK's Annealing facilities

Favorite movie: I don't have one specific favorite movie because I like so many different types of movies - Avengers, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Star Wars, 50 First Dates,  Space Balls . . . American Pie, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Bad Santa . . . even When Harry Met Sally.

Favorite music or artist: I'm more of a 90's grunge music fan . . . Pearl Jam, Godsmack, etc.

Favorite or current book: current book: Mission Grandeur (a friend of mine wrote it); don't really have a favorite book

Favorite food: Steak / Crab Legs - it's a toss up (both at the same time is a good thing!)

Favorite quote: I've always like "Don't wish for it, work for it" but it's so much easier to just wish for it; to bad wishes don't come true; image the world if they did!

What is your fitness background? My fitness background, I guess, is high-school sports - football, basketball & baseball.  I started working out in college but never really had a specific plan or goal.

Sport or activity you are training for, if any: Not training for anything specific; maybe getting ready for rock climbing, repelling and caving with my son's scout troop.

How long have you been CrossFitting? How did you end up at Cornerstone? I started in the summer of 2012 after seeing the 2012 Crossfit Games on ESPN.  I've been coming on/off since then - thankfully, more on than off.  I wanted to start exercising again since I am getting older and had no desire to go back to the typical gym and use the elliptical and weight machines again.  I Googled 'crossfit' the next day, found the web site and searched for an affiliate.  I was surprised to find one in West Chester.  I came in for a visit and watched a workout (didn't know what a WOD was at the time).  It looked hard but different.  A couple weeks later (I had to get the nerve up to do it), I signed up for foundations.

How have you seen yourself change (mentally, physically,etc) since being a part of CFC? The biggest change, I think, is my attitude toward 'functional' fitness vs. weight training and cardio; doing whole body movements versus isolating movements.  I've also learned a lot about food choices (which I don't always put in to practice).  Physically, I've change too.  I think as I've learned the movements, I've gain flexibility and strength.  I never thought I'd be able to squat over 200 pounds let alone below parallel.  My first overhead squat was with only the bar and I thought I might fall over!

What is your least favorite CrossFit move? What is your most favorite CrossFit move? I put these two questions together because I sort of have a love/hate relationship with Crossfit.  There are numerous workouts where I ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" during but I feel really good about it when it's done sometimes even to the point where I tell myself, "I should've done more or went faster".  The thing is - a lot of 'least favorite' things are sometimes 'the best things' for you (burpees anyone?).

Is there any particular WOD that you can remember is your favorite? I don't really remember or have a favorite WOD - but that's one of the main reasons I like Crossfit so much is that it is so different all of the time.  It never gets boring.

What are some of your goals that you have for yourself in the next year? My main goal is to really get my nutrition under control.  It's so easy to eat bad. 

What is something that others may not know about me? Most people don't know that much about me because I'm fairly reserved.  I have a 13 year old son.  I've worked for AK Steel for 25 years.  I'll be 44 on February 8th.  I've been divorced since 2005.  My favorite color is blue.  When I was little, I used to think my middle name was 'ory' because of Greg-ory (my aunt never lets me live this down).  I have a twin brother (not identical) and two nieces and one nephew.  I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from GMI (it's Kettering University now).

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