ANDREA HOltman cf-l1

Andrea is a former two sport collegiate athlete (volleyball and softball) who has spent her entire life on a field/court/gym and loves all things sport related. Since college and continuing over the last 20 years, she has coached many young athletes in various ways including team training, individual hitting/pitching instruction, as well as coaching specific skills and agilities. 


In 2014 she spent several months in San Francisco and was introduced to the wild world of CrossFit. At first it was terrifying, walking into a warehouse filled with weights and big rigs and chalk and ropes…not to mention all the super ripped athletes. But she stumbled her way through her first few classes and fell madly in love with the sport and the camaraderie. She finally found the competitive, fun thing she’d been looking for since college. As soon as she returned to Ohio, she searched for a CrossFit gym near home.


Fast forward to 2017, Andrea decided to make it official by getting her L1 CrossFit Trainer certificate so she could give back to the sport that has given so much to her. She has always had a heart for coaching teens and young adults and now has the opportunity to empower them to be stronger and healthier. CrossFit is great for teaching these kids to build fitness, strength, and coordination, but it’s so much more than that…it’s teaching discipline, commitment, determination, and showing them hard work - and helping them achieve goals and success. Andrea’s mission is to instill these characteristics in every person she coaches, along with the confidence to fail, get back up, and keep trying.