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Amanda Treon

I have always been athletic and involved in some type of sport since I was a kid. Growing up I was in cheerleading (yes, it's a sport), softball, track and swimming to name a few. I wasn't a collegiate athlete but always had that competitive nature.  


I found crossfit by accident, really. I had recently had my second child and was really into running. I had completed 10 half marathons and one full marathon and was feeling underwhelmed by my choice of exercise.  I also didn't love my body composition as a runner and new I wanted to change but wasn't exactly sure how or to what.  I ended up driving past Crossfit Cornerstone one day on my way home and was really intrigued by the way the people looked that were walking in.  I had to find out more!  I set up my first foundations and nearly vomited from a TABATA workout (literally had to eat an apple that someone offered me mid-workout), couldn't squat to full depth from all of my running and felt totally inadequate...but I LOVED it!  I loved the challenge! I loved the community!


Fast forward about 5 years and now I'm a masters competitor in crossfit competitions and a coach. I became a coach because I wanted to help people realize their own potential like so many coaches along the way have shown me. It's an amazing feeling to walk into a gym feeling like there's no way you can complete the task that's being handed to you and then you somehow do it.  That's what's it's all about for me; empowering people.