About Cornerstone Fitness


At Cornerstone, we are more than just a gym.  We’re a lifestyle. We are a community of people committed to good health, friendship and support for one another.  Our community is made of people of all ages, shapes and sizes; all on a common mission.

To build community, promote health and empower one another.

We believe that real fitness is about training to be ready for life. We help people to become physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to tackle anything life throws at them. We offer a safe place and a unique approach to long-term fitness.

At Cornerstone, each member is paired with a coach for life. Your coach will help you to set and achieve personal goals. Your coach will teach you about movement and nutrition. They will inspire more accountability to your community. They will support you, both inside and outside of the gym. They will push you to grow and help you to sustain a lifetime of physical and emotional fitness. 

 Prepare to have fun with us, grow with us, and explore the limits of your capabilities with us.