NEW BOX !!!!

Hey guys! Just a heads up! Everything is ready for tomorrow's opening BUT the locker rooms/showers will NOT be ready till mid week. We do have a restroom for you all to use :) Sorry for this inconvenience ...promise having the three showers in each restroom will be worth it!

When you park, please park on the right side of the building. We will have painted spots sometime this week but park normally ...We own this whole area ...exit the opposite way towards the back to avoid any traffic issues between classes.

There is a door on the side you all will enter. It's marked clearly and an easy access to the Bay Area where you put all your bags and whatever you all bring with you!

Tomorrow before every class we will talk about basic information. Please stay in this area till your coach comes in ...any questions will be addressed here. We will walk out to the main floors and talk about each area before the wod.

Thanks everyone for your support and an EXTRA thanks for those who helped all weekend and the weeks before leading up! We are blessed to have such wonderful people you all !!!!!

See you all tomorrow :)